• Vietnam Airlines

Step 1: Please log into the official website of Vietnam Airlines:

Step 2: Find the main menu “Check-in online” and input all necessary information including “Family name”, “Departure City”, and “Reservation code” or “eTicket number” or “Frequent Flyer number”, then click “Check in”.

Step 3: Your flight itinerary will be shown on the screen, select your gender and click “Continue”

Step 4: In the seat map, select a seat in available seats on your flight, and then choose “Check in”

Step 5: The process of online check-in is completed. You can take a photo or print it or choose “Email mobile” to receive the bar code through email on your phone.

  • Vietjet Air

Step 1: Log into the website of Vietjet Air:

Step 2: Select “Web Check-in” beside Book Flight.

Step 3: Input “Reservation Number” and “Family Name”, then click “Search Reservation”, the passenger’s information will be shown.

Note: If one code of reservation is applicable for many people, you perform the procedure of check-in online one by one.

Step 4: Check the information and mark with a tick to select your flight route. If it is return ticket, select the flight which you need to check in. After that, click “Continue” and a seat map will be shown and choose a seat in available seats on the flights.

Note: “Green” means unoccupied seats and “Brown” means occupied seats.

Step 5: Check the flight information again and complete the check-in online process. You can choose “Print” or “Send email” of your flight’s information to your email account.

To check flight availability and cost, please visit: 

For any other questions, please email us: or call us at +84969303322